Thursday, December 14, 2000

So today I awake to three inches of snow which was so pretty. It has stopped now and turned to rain which is not so pretty. I have to admit to spending most of this morning sleeping. I think it may be the stress of the semester and the feeling of 'wow now I can relax a little' now that its over.

I am still waiting to hear about my web internship and I must admit I wish things could get finalized. I may even start next week if it goes ahead! It will give me the experience of working on a large University-wide web site and finding out what it takes to run such a big site.

I am so looking forward to seeing my family again in January - I have been in Boston now for 20 months without returning to the UK. I didnt realize quite how much I missed them. My mum suffers from Asthma and has sounded pretty rough on our last few calls. I sent her a huge bunch of flowers from David and I this week, but I really really want to see her in person and check she is OK. An email from Dad said she was feeling better, but I know they wouldn't want to worry me.

David brought home flowers for me too last night which was so sweet. I was watching him out of the window this morning, whilst he was scraping all the snow off his truck, and thinking how much I love him.
Amazing to think that a few years ago I had no idea that there was the right guy for me in Boston, whilst I was working my butt off in London.

I am very

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Semester is now over, YIPPEE - my last Final was today and now I have one paper to update and thats it until mid-Jan. Apart from the thesis work of course.

I will celebrate tonight and from tomorrow I will be making an effort to write each day.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Thursday evening already, I can't believe how quickly this week has gone. I have been getting some really interesting ideas for the wedding from the WiseWomen list I subscribe to. There are a number of them who live in the LA/Orange County areas and they have given me some great URL's to follow up on.

My best friend is over from the UK and has been in Cleveland for the last three days. She is back tomorrow and then staying with us for the next three days before returning to the UK. Looking forward to seeing her again.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Well this is my very first Blog - I haven't kept a journal for a long time and since I spend my life on the net I thought this could be an interesting way to do it.

I have spent this morning trying to research our wedding. David and I live in MA but want to get married in June in California. I have been searching for sites for wedding information and reading guide books to find the location. So far it looks like it will be Laguna Beach. At least it's less likely to rain over there.

Must head out to college now and do some work but will return later. Bye for now.