Thursday, December 14, 2000

So today I awake to three inches of snow which was so pretty. It has stopped now and turned to rain which is not so pretty. I have to admit to spending most of this morning sleeping. I think it may be the stress of the semester and the feeling of 'wow now I can relax a little' now that its over.

I am still waiting to hear about my web internship and I must admit I wish things could get finalized. I may even start next week if it goes ahead! It will give me the experience of working on a large University-wide web site and finding out what it takes to run such a big site.

I am so looking forward to seeing my family again in January - I have been in Boston now for 20 months without returning to the UK. I didnt realize quite how much I missed them. My mum suffers from Asthma and has sounded pretty rough on our last few calls. I sent her a huge bunch of flowers from David and I this week, but I really really want to see her in person and check she is OK. An email from Dad said she was feeling better, but I know they wouldn't want to worry me.

David brought home flowers for me too last night which was so sweet. I was watching him out of the window this morning, whilst he was scraping all the snow off his truck, and thinking how much I love him.
Amazing to think that a few years ago I had no idea that there was the right guy for me in Boston, whilst I was working my butt off in London.

I am very

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Semester is now over, YIPPEE - my last Final was today and now I have one paper to update and thats it until mid-Jan. Apart from the thesis work of course.

I will celebrate tonight and from tomorrow I will be making an effort to write each day.